Commit b9c275de authored by Jan Gerber's avatar Jan Gerber
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use a string literal for formatting

parent 1c1fa59f
......@@ -2860,7 +2860,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
/* reserve 4 bytes in the buffer for the `.og[va]' extension */
snprintf(outputfile_name, sizeof(outputfile_name) - strlen(ext), "%s",inputfile_name);
if ((str_ptr = strrchr(outputfile_name, '.'))) {
sprintf(str_ptr, ext);
sprintf(str_ptr, "%s", ext);
if (!strcmp(inputfile_name, outputfile_name)) {
snprintf(outputfile_name, sizeof(outputfile_name), "%s%s", inputfile_name, ext);
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