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patch by Chris P. to correct Vorbis granulepos in OggIndex in case a packet...

patch by Chris P. to correct Vorbis granulepos in OggIndex in case a packet has more samples than its granulepos reports.
parent 34a8d1f3
......@@ -854,6 +854,7 @@ void oggmux_init (oggmux_info *info) {
vorbis_block_init (&info->vd, &info->vb);
seek_index_init(&info->vorbis_index, info->index_interval);
info->vorbis_granulepos = 0;
/* audio init done */
......@@ -1275,6 +1276,31 @@ void oggmux_add_audio (oggmux_info *info, int16_t * buffer, int bytes, int sampl
info->prev_vorbis_window = info->vb.pcmend;
ogg_int64_t start_granule = op.granulepos - num_samples;
if (start_granule < 0) {
/* The first vorbis content packet can have more samples than
its granulepos reports. This is allowed by the spec, and
players should discard the leading samples and not play them.
Thus the indexer needs to discard them as well.*/
if (op.packetno != 4) {
/* We only expect negative start granule in the first content
packet, not any of the others... */
fprintf(stderr, "WARNING: vorbis packet %d has calculated start"
" granule of %lld, but it should be non-negative!",
op.packetno, start_granule);
start_granule = 0;
if (start_granule < info->vorbis_granulepos) {
/* This packet starts before the end of the previous packet. This is
allowed by the specification in the last packet only, and the
trailing samples should be discarded and not played/indexed. */
if (!op.e_o_s) {
fprintf(stderr, "WARNING: vorbis packet %d (granulepos %lld) starts before"
" the end of the preceeding packet!", op.packetno, op.granulepos);
start_granule = info->vorbis_granulepos;
info->vorbis_granulepos = op.granulepos;
ogg_int64_t start_time = vorbis_time (&info->vd, start_granule);
if (op.granulepos != -1 &&
......@@ -157,6 +157,8 @@ typedef struct
calculate duration of vorbis packets. */
/* The offset of the first non header page in bytes. */
ogg_int64_t content_offset;
/* Granulepos of the last encoded packet. */
ogg_int64_t vorbis_granulepos;
ogg_int32_t serialno;
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