Commit dd3c9759 authored by Jan Gerber's avatar Jan Gerber
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update ffmpeg revision

parent 4141ecf5
# Because ffmpeg checks out libswscale via an svn:externals, checking
# out an old ffmpeg does not check out a corresponding libswscale.
# Keep the swscale checkout manually synchronized, then. Update this
# when you update FFMPEG_REVISION.
FFMPEG_EXTERNALS_UPDATE="cd $FFMPEG_CO_DIR/libswscale && svn up -r '{2008-10-30 12:29:00 +0100}'"
FFMPEG_EXTERNALS_UPDATE="cd $FFMPEG_CO_DIR/libswscale && svn up -r '{2009-01-24 17:45:00 +0100}'"
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