Commit e8f1073d authored by oggk's avatar oggk
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move info subtitles message inside #ifdef DEBUG, to reduce the spam

parent c740b075
......@@ -805,17 +805,21 @@ void ff2theora_output(ff2theora this) {
for (i=0; i<this->n_kate_streams; ++i) {
ff2theora_kate_stream *ks=this->kate_streams+i;
if (ks->stream_index >= 0) {
#ifdef DEBUG
printf("Muxing Kate stream %d from input stream %d\n",
if (!this->disable_subtitles) {
else if (load_subtitles(ks,this->ignore_non_utf8)>0) {
#ifdef DEBUG
printf("Muxing Kate stream %d from %s as %s %s\n",
ks->subtitles_language[0]?ks->subtitles_language:"<unknown language>",
else {
if (i!=this->n_kate_streams) {
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