Commit 020042cc authored by Andrey Astafyev's avatar Andrey Astafyev Committed by Erik de Castro Lopo
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flac: Remove variable from expression because it's always equals to false

parent ec35d555
......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ static FLAC__bool get_sample_info_wave(EncoderSession *e, encode_options_t optio
flac__utils_printf(stderr, 1, "%s: ERROR: file has multiple 'ds64' chunks\n", e->inbasefilename);
return false;
if(got_fmt_chunk || got_data_chunk) {
if(got_fmt_chunk) {
flac__utils_printf(stderr, 1, "%s: ERROR: 'ds64' chunk appears after 'fmt ' or 'data' chunk\n", e->inbasefilename);
return false;
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