Commit 12ec86c6 authored by lvqcl's avatar lvqcl Committed by Erik de Castro Lopo

Use MMX ASM fucntions instead of SSE4.1 if available

These SSE4.1 functions are not always faster than their MMX ASM counterparts,
so let's use ASM functions if they're available.
parent b936e398
......@@ -396,8 +396,10 @@ static FLAC__StreamDecoderInitStatus init_stream_internal_(
# if defined FLAC__SSE4_1_SUPPORTED
if (decoder->private_->cpuinfo.x86.sse41) {
# if !defined FLAC__HAS_NASM /* these are not undoubtedly faster than their MMX ASM counterparts */
decoder->private_->local_lpc_restore_signal = FLAC__lpc_restore_signal_intrin_sse41;
decoder->private_->local_lpc_restore_signal_16bit = FLAC__lpc_restore_signal_16_intrin_sse41;
# endif
decoder->private_->local_lpc_restore_signal_64bit = FLAC__lpc_restore_signal_wide_intrin_sse41;
# endif
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