Commit 1ac2a631 authored by TGMarkiewicz's avatar TGMarkiewicz Committed by Ralph Giles
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Fix version & requires fields in pkg config files

 - When building with CMake, pkg-config files flac.pc and flac++.pc
   are not updated with Version information. This causes a failure
   when running a configure script in opus-tools

   Note that OGG_PACKAGE is set to "ogg" exactly as in the,
   but it is only set when the building explicitly with libogg.
parent a9557c13
......@@ -22,8 +22,11 @@ option(INSTALL_PKGCONFIG_MODULES "Install PkgConfig modules" ON)
option(INSTALL_CMAKE_CONFIG_MODULE "Install CMake package-config module" ON)
option(WITH_OGG "ogg support (default: test for libogg)" ON)
find_package(Ogg REQUIRED)
set(OGG_PACKAGE "ogg")
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