Commit 2ac3a542 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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change the naming of the object file format define to make it easier to configure properly

parent 287fccd6
......@@ -57,11 +57,11 @@ libFLAC.lib: $(OBJS)
link.exe -lib -out:../../obj/lib/$*.lib $(OBJS)
ia32/cpu_asm.obj: ia32/cpu_asm.nasm
$(NASM) -f win32 -d WIN32 -i ia32/ ia32/cpu_asm.nasm -o ia32/cpu_asm.obj
$(NASM) -f win32 -d OBJ_FORMAT_win32 -i ia32/ ia32/cpu_asm.nasm -o ia32/cpu_asm.obj
ia32/fixed_asm.obj: ia32/fixed_asm.nasm
$(NASM) -f win32 -d WIN32 -i ia32/ ia32/fixed_asm.nasm -o ia32/fixed_asm.obj
$(NASM) -f win32 -d OBJ_FORMAT_win32 -i ia32/ ia32/fixed_asm.nasm -o ia32/fixed_asm.obj
ia32/lpc_asm.obj: ia32/lpc_asm.nasm
$(NASM) -f win32 -d WIN32 -i ia32/ ia32/lpc_asm.nasm -o ia32/lpc_asm.obj
$(NASM) -f win32 -d OBJ_FORMAT_win32 -i ia32/ ia32/lpc_asm.nasm -o ia32/lpc_asm.obj
-del *.obj ia32\*.obj *.pch
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
# nasm build rule:
SUFFIXES = .nasm .lo
$(NASM) -f elf -d ELF $< -o $@
$(NASM) -f elf -d OBJ_FORMAT_elf $< -o $@
libFLAC_asm_la_SOURCES = \
......@@ -18,17 +18,17 @@
bits 32
%ifdef WIN32
%ifdef OBJ_FORMAT_win32
%idefine code_section section .text align=16 class=CODE use32
%idefine data_section section .data align=32 class=DATA use32
%idefine bss_section section .bss align=32 class=DATA use32
%elifdef AOUT
%elifdef OBJ_FORMAT_aout
%idefine code_section section .text
%idefine data_section section .data
%idefine bss_section section .bss
%elifdef ELF
%elifdef OBJ_FORMAT_elf
%idefine code_section section .text align=16
%idefine data_section section .data align=32
%idefine bss_section section .bss align=32
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