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The new <a href="">Denon AVR-4308DAB</a> receiver supports FLAC.<br />
<br />
<a href="">Sound Forge 9.0b supports FLAC</a>, for both reading and writing.<br />
<br />
An <a href="">installer for flac-1.1.4 on OS X</a> is now available. This includes universal binaries that will work on both Intel and PowerPC machines. A 1.2.0 update will be available soon.<br />
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<br />
<a href="">Linn Records</a> now offers both Studio Master and CD Quality downloads in FLAC format.<br />
<br />
<i>last updated 2007-Aug-16</i>
<i>last updated 2007-Sep-14</i>
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<li><a href="">Avega Systems'</a> wireless Oyster loudspeakers</li>
<li>Denon's <a href="">SE-32 and SE-52</a> tabletop players</li>
<li>Denon's <a href="">AVR-3808CI</a> receiver</li>
<li>Denon's <a href="">AVR-3808CI</a> and <a href="">AVR-4308DAB</a> receivers</li>
<li><a href="">iMuse</a> audio/video media servers</li>
<li>Meda Systems' Bravo servers</li>
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