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......@@ -152,13 +152,43 @@ Building with MSVC
@@@@ write instructions for FLAC.dsw and *.dsp, need %NASW% set to
@@@@ full path to nasmw.exe, location of ogg static libs and headers
There is no overall make system for MSVC but the individual
source directories with a '' file in them allow
building with MSVC. Just 'nmake /f'. Currently
the for libFLAC is hardcoded to use nasm. If
you don't have nasm, or don't want any assembly optimizations,
edit the makefile, adding '/D FLAC__NO_ASM', and delete the
rules which compile the .nasm files.
There are two ways to build with MSVC:
1. Project Files
Prerequisite: you must have nasm installed, and have the environment
variable FLAC_NASM set to the full path to nasmw.exe, e.g
To build everything, run Developer Studio, do File|Open Workspace,
and open FLAC.dsw. Switch to the 'Files' tab, select 'all files'
from the tree, do right-mouse-button and 'Set as active project'.
@@@@Debug/Release@@@@ Then do Project|Build. The libraries will
be built as both libs@@@@ and DLLs.
2. nmake
Prerequisite: you must have nasm installed and nasmw.exe must be in
your path.
To build everything, open a Command window, cd to the top-level
directory (where this README is) and do
nmake /f
This will recur into all the source directories in the right order
and build everything. The libraries will be build only as static
libs. To clean up everything you can do
nmake /f clean
from the top level directory, or any directory which has a
Everything will end up in the 'obj' directory. DLLs and .exe files
are all that are needed and can be copied to an installation area an
added to the PATH. The plugins have to be copied to their appropriate
place in the player area. For Winamp2 this is <winamp2-dir>\Plugins@@@@
and for Winamp3 this is @@@@.
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