Commit 3a7884bf authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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flac/encode.c: Fix an integer overflow

When encoding a 24 bit multichannel W64 file on a 32 bit system, a
calculation could overflow resulting in a "got partial sample"
error and early termination of the encoding process.

The fix was to replace the cast to `size_t` (which is only 32 bits
on a 32 bit system) with a cast to `uin64_t`.

Thanks to Janne Hyvärinen for helping to track down the problem.

parent 841ed1ae
......@@ -1387,9 +1387,9 @@ int flac__encode_file(FILE *infile, FLAC__off_t infilesize, const char *infilena
while(encoder_session.fmt.iff.data_bytes > 0) {
const size_t bytes_to_read =
min (sizeof (ubuffer.u8),
min ((size_t)encoder_session.fmt.iff.data_bytes,
CHUNK_OF_SAMPLES * (size_t);
(size_t) min (sizeof (ubuffer.u8),
min (encoder_session.fmt.iff.data_bytes,
CHUNK_OF_SAMPLES * (uint64_t);
size_t bytes_read = fread(ubuffer.u8, sizeof(uint8_t), bytes_to_read, infile);
if(bytes_read == 0) {
if(ferror(infile)) {
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