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minor comments

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......@@ -374,6 +374,13 @@ FLAC__bool OggFLAC__stream_encoder_set_total_samples_estimate(OggFLAC__StreamEnc
FLAC__bool OggFLAC__stream_encoder_set_metadata(OggFLAC__StreamEncoder *encoder, FLAC__StreamMetadata **metadata, unsigned num_blocks);
/** Set the write callback.
* \note
* Unlike the FLAC stream encoder write callback, the Ogg stream
* encoder write callback will be called twice when writing audio
* frames; once for the page header, and once for the page body.
* When writing the page header, the \a samples argument to the
* write callback will be \c 0.
* \note
* The callback is mandatory and must be set before initialization.
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