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This is an informal changelog, a summary of changes in each release. (See also <a href="documentation_bugs.html">known bugs</a>.) Particulary important for developers is the precise description of changes to the library interfaces. See also the <a href="api/group__porting.html">porting guide</a> for specific instructions on porting to newer versions of FLAC.<br />
<a name="flac_1_3_2"><b>FLAC 1.3.2</b> (??-Jan-2016)</a>
<a name="flac_1_3_2"><b>FLAC 1.3.2</b> (??-Dec-2016)</a>
<br />
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<li>Fix undefined behaviour using GCC/Clang UBSAN (erikd).</li>
<li>General code improvements (lvqcl, erikd and others).</li>
<li>Add FLAC in MP4 specification docs (Ralph Giles).</li>
<li>CPU detection cleanup and fixes (Julian Calaby, erikd and lvqcl).</li>
<li>Fix two stream decoder bugs (Max Kellermann).</li>
<li>MSVS build cleanups (lvqcl).</li>
<li>Fix some cppcheck warnings (erikd).</li>
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