Verified Commit 88fb432a authored by Chocobo1's avatar Chocobo1 Committed by Ralph Giles
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Fix nasm.h not found when building in x86

The following is the error from compiler:
Assembling cpu_asm.nasm
  cmd.exe /D /C "C:\Users\appveyor\AppData\Local\Temp\1\tmp62cb769c16c04b79a2f73246c8ccf95a.cmd"
  "/NASM/nasm.exe" -o "FLAC-asm.dir\Release\cpu_asm.obj" -fwin32 -I"C:\project\lib\flac\include\\" -I"C:\project\lib\flac\_build\Win32\\" -D"CMAKE_INTDIR="Release"" -dOBJ_FORMAT_win32 "C:\project\lib\flac\src\libFLAC\ia32\cpu_asm.nasm"
  C:\project\lib\flac\src\libFLAC\ia32\cpu_asm.nasm:34: fatal: unable to open include file `nasm.h'

Closes #220.
Signed-off-by: Ozkan Sezer's avatarOzkan Sezer <>
parent 88bb6d49
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