Commit 9f88dc25 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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change default extension for AIFF from .aiff to .aif

parent c0852171
......@@ -1334,9 +1334,9 @@ void show_explain()
printf(" --sign={signed|unsigned} Sign of samples (the default is signed)\n");
printf(" --force-aiff-format Force the decoder to output AIFF format. This\n");
printf(" option is not needed if the output filename (as\n");
printf(" set by -o) ends with .aiff; this option has no\n");
printf(" effect when encoding since input AIFF is auto-\n");
printf(" detected.\n");
printf(" set by -o) ends with .aif or .aiff; this option\n");
printf(" has no effect when encoding since input AIFF is\n");
printf(" auto-detected.\n");
printf(" --force-raw-format Force input (when encoding) or output (when\n");
printf(" decoding) to be treated as raw samples\n");
printf("negative options:\n");
......@@ -1633,7 +1633,7 @@ const char *get_decoded_outfilename(const char *infilename)
strcpy(buffer, "-");
else {
static const char *suffixes[] = { ".wav", ".aiff", ".raw", ".ana" };
static const char *suffixes[] = { ".wav", ".aif", ".raw", ".ana" };
const char *suffix = suffixes[
option_values.analyze? 3 :
option_values.force_raw_format? 2 :
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