Commit a2420c14 authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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cpu.c: Really fix compiler warnings

parent d1c15b4f
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ static const unsigned FLAC__CPUINFO_IA32_CPUID_SSE = 0x02000000;
static const unsigned FLAC__CPUINFO_IA32_CPUID_SSE2 = 0x04000000;
/* these are flags in ECX of CPUID AX=00000001 */
static const unsigned FLAC__CPUINFO_IA32_CPUID_SSE3 = 0x00000001;
static const unsigned FLAC__CPUINFO_IA32_CPUID_SSSE3 = 0x00000200;
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