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<P>FLAC has joined the Xiph project; see <A HREF="">here</A> for the press release.</P>
<P><A HREF=""></A> is behind other free codecs such as <A HREF="">Vorbis</A>, <A HREF="">Theora</A>, and <A HREF="">Speex</A>. Our merger with Xiph will bring FLAC into the ranks and lead to better integration with the <A HREF="">Ogg multimedia framework</A>.</P>
<P>Note that the FLAC format is not changing, native FLAC will continue to exist, and the command-line tools and plugins will continue to work as before. The codec libraries will now be available under Xiph's BSD-like license.</P>
<!-- @@@
<P>If you use FLAC and have suggestions or patches, please <A HREF="">join the mailing list</A>. Bugs can be filed <A HREF="">here</A>, but make sure to check the <A HREF="documentation.html#bugs">known bugs</A> section first.</P>
<P><I>last updated 2003-Aug-11</I></P><!-- @@@ remember to update the date after changes -->
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