Commit b799a823 authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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libFLAC: Remove commented out assert

Pointed out by It was added during debugging
in commit c06a4496, but was never meant to stay.
parent e64ac797
......@@ -2150,8 +2150,6 @@ FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__stream_encoder_process(FLAC__StreamEncoder *encoder, c
FLAC__ASSERT(0 != encoder->protected_);
FLAC__ASSERT(encoder->protected_->state == FLAC__STREAM_ENCODER_OK);
// FLAC__ASSERT(samples <= blocksize);
do {
const unsigned n = flac_min(blocksize+OVERREAD_-encoder->private_->current_sample_number, samples-j);
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