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add paragraph for distribution terms, add oggdropXPd and multi-frontend links

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All source code and binaries are distributed under open-source licenses. The libraries are distributed under the <A HREF="">LGPL</A>, and the plugins and command-line utilites (<B><TT>flac</TT></B> and <B><TT>metaflac</TT></B>) are distributed under the <A HREF="">GPL</A>. If you would like to redistribute parts or all of FLAC under different terms, <A HREF="">contact me</A>.
Releases are first made through SourceForge and can be found <A HREF="">here</A>. For each version there is a source release and binary releases for Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Darwin (includes OS X).
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<LI><A HREF="">FLAC frontend</A>, a Windows GUI.</LI>
<LI><A HREF="">FLACdrop</A>, an Oggdrop-like frontend for Windows.</LI>
<LI><A HREF="">FLAC frontend</A>, a Windows GUI, or the even more versatile <A HREF="">Multi frontend</A>.</LI>
<LI><A HREF="">FLACdrop</A>, an Oggdrop-like frontend for Windows, or the even more versatile <A HREF="">oggdropXPd</A>.</LI>
<LI><A HREF="">Monkey's Audio</A> can be fooled into supporting FLAC as an external encoder; <A HREF="documentation.html#monkey">here's how</A>.</LI>
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