Commit c0852171 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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Update OBJ_FORMAT setting: OpenBSD/i386-current just switched the binary format to ELF

parent b2363960
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ AM_CONDITIONAL(FLaC__CPU_IA32, test x$cpu_ia32 = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(FLaC__CPU_PPC, test x$cpu_ppc = xtrue)
AM_CONDITIONAL(FLaC__CPU_SPARC, test x$cpu_sparc = xtrue)
case "$host" in
i[[3-6]]86-*-openbsd*) OBJ_FORMAT=aoutb ;;
i386-*-openbsd3.[[0-3]]) OBJ_FORMAT=aoutb ;;
*) OBJ_FORMAT=elf ;;
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