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reword for new build system

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......@@ -14,11 +14,8 @@ for full documentation.
A brief description of the directory tree:
build/ makefile templates for building
doc/ the HTML documentation
include/ public include files for libFLAC
obj/ the compiled libraries and executables will
end up here
src/ the source code and private headers
test/ the test scripts
......@@ -27,16 +24,11 @@ A brief description of the directory tree:
Building in a GNU environment
All files called 'Makefile' are GNUmake files. To build all
libraries and programs, just 'make all' from the top-level
directory. To run the tests, just 'make test'.
FLAC now uses autoconf and libtool for configuring and
building. Better documentation for these will be
forthcoming, but in general, this should work:
Everything can be built in either debug or release mode.
See the Makefiles for details.
The default make rule does not attempt to build the XMMS
plugin, so if you want that also, run 'make plugin_xmms'
after 'make'.
./configure ; make ; make install
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