1. 11 Jul, 2021 5 commits
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      github actions: Add dummy ctest config switch. · 313ab585
      Ralph Giles authored
      This is required on windows, but not on other platforms.
      It needs to be the default `Debug` target, rather than
      `Release` to match CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE, for the $TARGET_FILE
      mapping to produce the correct path.
      See https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/issues/20283
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      cmake: add some simple tests on windows platforms. · 10797d58
      Ralph Giles authored
      The main test harnesses are written in unix shell script, so
      they don't work on windows. A stanza was added to the cmake
      config to skip all tests there to get a green build.
      This is misleading, since no testing was done at all on Windows.
      Instead, construct a separate set of tests on non-unix platforms,
      calling the two api test programs, which of necessity are
      compiled executables. Also invoke the two front-end programs
      with just the --help switch to verify they at least start.
      Thanks to Marcus Asteborg for the suggestion.
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      github actions: Split CMake build into separate steps. · bac77f73
      Ralph Giles authored
      Failures within multi-line commands aren't detected properly
      in the windows runner environment. Therefore split each
      line into a separate step for the cmake build.
      Use the `working-directory` key to mark the build subdir without
      having the prepend a `cd` command.
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      github actions: add a windows cmake target · 21a217e7
      Ralph Giles authored
      Make use of the available builders for Microsoft Windows build
      Unfortunately this job reports finding no tests to run, despite
      being identical to other builds. Worse, this is not reported as
      an error.
      Windows doesn't have a package manager like linux and macos, so
      until we figure out how to build and cache the ogg dependency
      for the windows job, just skip ogg support.
    • Ralph Giles's avatar
      github actions: archive logs on failure. · df35f5ea
      Ralph Giles authored
      The test harnesses log details to files during the run,
      which is helpful when debugging issues which are only
      reported as a run failure in the console output.
      When the build job fails, upload an artifact consisting
      of a zipfile with all the log files from the build,
      so users can investigate test failures in ci more
  2. 26 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      github actions: Fix typo. · 37d1a620
      Ralph Giles authored
      This doesn't change the build; it just corrects a label.
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      gitlab-ci: Add build configs. · b7a4402a
      Ralph Giles authored
      Define builds for gitlab's continuous integration runners so we
      some feedback on versions of the code hosted there, particularly
      Build with GNU Autotools, with CMake+ninja, and verify
      the Makefile.lite build.
      This uses the same Debian-based docker.io/library/gcc:9 container
      image we use for most of the codec projects. That container
      doesn't specify an unprivileged user so that we can install
      However, some of flac's file-creation tests must be run as an
      unprivileged user who owns the source tree. We therefore
      create a user account and use `su` to run the tests.
      In the case of the autotools job, `make distcheck` unpacks
      the packaged source, so this takes care of ownership.
      In the case of the other jobs, we must `chown` the entire
      checkout and complete the build as the unprivileged user.
      Another way to address this would be to define a custom
      container image with the prerequisites installed before
      switching to an unprivileged us...
  3. 24 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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  8. 14 May, 2020 1 commit
    • evpobr's avatar
      CMake polishing · ce6dd6b5
      evpobr authored and Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo committed
      * Improve CPU features detection
        CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR is pretty useless (e.g. when compiling with
        MSVC ARM64 toolchain and Ninja still returns system processor).
      * Don't build src/utils targets by default
        Fix compilation for UWP platform.
      * Add more Visual studio Git ignore patterns
      * Autogenerate Doxygen docs
  9. 03 May, 2020 3 commits
    • Ulrik Mikaelsson's avatar
      Simplified logic of parsing sizes of rice-partitions · 37e675b7
      Ulrik Mikaelsson authored and Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo committed
      > if the partition order is zero, n = frame's blocksize - predictor order
      > else if this is not the first partition of the subframe,
      >   n = (frame's blocksize / (2^partition order))
      > else n = (frame's blocksize / (2^partition order)) - predictor order
      if the partition order is zero, then partition_number can only be zero
      if the partition order is zero, then
        (frame's blocksize / (2^partition order))
        is (frame's blocksize / 1) == frame's blocksize
    • Thomas BERNARD's avatar
      fix build under Mac OS X with PowerPC CPU · 4fbb6d4f
      Thomas BERNARD authored and Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo committed
      revert 44036c9a because auxv.h is only
      available under Linux and FreeBSD.
    • evpobr's avatar
      Bunch of CMake fixes · e0b62a61
      evpobr authored and Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo committed
      * Add more Git ignore patterns
      * Fix Ogg dependency handling (closes #203)
      * Remove unneeded compiler flag (closes #204)
      * Fix Visual Studio DLL build error error C2491:
        'flac_internal_rename_utf8': definition of dllimport function not
        allowed (closes #205)
      * Add alias targets
      * Reduce number of CMake files
      * Improve CMake intrinsics detection
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