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Encode time Decode time Compression
Codec Total CPU Total CPU Size Ratio
La 0.3c8:50.138:38.358:31.048:22.6728.98 MB64.19%
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)19:41.5519:29.0019:44.0419:32.9429.43 MB65.17%
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)7:37.657:26.837:59.147:50.7229.48 MB65.28%
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:42.801:29.771:45.421:34.2729.49 MB65.30%
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 3 @ 4x)3:26.623:12.393:30.883:19.4929.49 MB65.31%
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 2 @ 4x)1:55.991:40.982:00.341:49.2129.54 MB65.42%
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:28.641:13.821:32.591:20.9529.58 MB65.50%
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:55.850:43.160:58.880:47.7629.69 MB65.76%
Tak 1.01 (extra high max)4:14.194:03.060:25.550:14.3229.74 MB65.87%
Tak 1.01 (extra high)1:31.551:18.820:25.920:14.5229.77 MB65.92%
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:00.950:46.301:05.540:54.1029.78 MB65.95%
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:49.040:36.370:51.890:40.8429.83 MB66.05%
Tak 1.01 (normal)0:42.970:29.860:23.540:12.2829.86 MB66.12%
WavPack 4.41 (extra high -x)1:37.601:22.420:39.740:27.4629.92 MB66.27%
WavPack 4.41 (high)0:41.970:26.810:33.680:21.4530.02 MB66.49%
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:37.950:25.200:41.850:30.3630.20 MB66.89%
WavPack 4.41 (normal -x)0:52.600:37.670:27.550:15.5830.32 MB67.15%
Tak 1.01 (turbo)0:27.640:13.980:22.580:11.2230.38 MB67.27%
WavPack 4.41 (normal)0:35.400:20.450:28.550:15.4330.44 MB67.42%
Bonk 0.53:09.652:57.692:35.012:23.8430.64 MB67.85%
FLAC 1.2.1 (-8)1:37.621:24.840:23.650:09.1630.66 MB67.90%
FLAC 1.2.1 (-5, default)0:36.820:23.610:20.770:08.7130.72 MB68.03%
WavPack 4.41 (fast)0:31.000:17.170:24.180:12.3730.75 MB68.10%
WavPack 4.41 (fast -x)0:43.650:29.080:23.780:12.1030.75 MB68.10%
Apple Lossless (iTunes 4.5)????30.91 MB68.47%
FLAC 1.2.1 (-3)0:28.350:14.220:22.350:08.5231.49 MB69.74%
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:45.470:31.570:27.670:15.9431.76 MB70.34%
FLAC 1.2.1 (-1)0:24.040:10.050:19.460:08.0031.95 MB70.76%
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:37.090:23.160:23.320:11.5032.47 MB71.91%
RIFF WAVE2:44.302:44.3045.15 MB100.00%

Complete summary table

Frederic Chopin Prelude No.24 in d minor
Dream Theater 6:00
Eddie Warner Titus
Maurice Ravel Fanfare from "L'eventail de Jeanne"
Gloria Estefan Conga
Alanis Morissette Hand In My Pocket
L. Subramaniam Raga Sivapriya
The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos Laetatus Sum
Cannibal Corpse Mummified In Barbed Wire
Sergei Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.3 (3rd movement)
Maurice Ravel String Quartet (4th movement)
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K.42 (arr.Yepes for guitar)
Tool Forty-six & 2
Cream White Room