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    Feature: Added support for HTTP Methods: OPTIONS, DELETE, TRACE, CONNECT · ae2a956d
    Philipp Schafft authored
    This added support for the standard HTTP/1.1 methods:
     * OPTIONS
      - Query the server to tell what features are supported.
     * DELETE
      - Delete a resource on a server. In Icecast2 context this is
        about what is known as 'kick source'.
     * TRACE
      - Asks the server to return the request to the client as body.
        The client is to send a body-less request and the server
        will return with a 200 OK and the body to to be the exact
        bitstream it got from the client (or any (reverse) proxy).
        The Content-Type is to be set to 'message/http'.
     * CONNECT
      - Client asks the server to proxy the request to the given resource.
        This hardly seems to make sense for Icecast2 but may be used by
        some clients such as libshout. Therefor I added it as well
        so we have at least an ID assigned to it.
    Please note that this is a ABI breaker and you will need to recompile
    your projects (use 'make clean all').
    See: RFC2616
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