Commit 5ac1f860 authored by Philipp Schafft's avatar Philipp Schafft 🦁 Committed by Philipp Schafft
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Cleanup: Removed unused function config_dump().

This removes the unused function config_dump().
it likely was there for debugging the config parser. At best it was
incomplete after years not not being used.
parent 7b2ac6dd
......@@ -525,53 +525,3 @@ int config_read(const char *fn)
return 1;
void config_dump(void)
config_t *c = ices_config;
module_param_t *param;
instance_t *i;
fprintf(stderr, "ices config dump:\n");
fprintf(stderr, "background = %d\n", c->background);
fprintf(stderr, "logpath = %s\n", c->logpath);
fprintf(stderr, "logfile = %s\n", c->logfile);
fprintf(stderr, "loglevel = %d\n", c->loglevel);
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
fprintf(stderr, "stream_name = %s\n", c->stream_name);
fprintf(stderr, "stream_genre = %s\n", c->stream_genre);
fprintf(stderr, "stream_description = %s\n", c->stream_description);
fprintf(stderr, "stream_url = %s\n", c->stream_url ? c->stream_url : "");
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
fprintf(stderr, "playlist_module = %s\n", c->playlist_module);
param = c->module_params;
fprintf(stderr, "module_param: %s = %s\n", param->name, param->value);
param = param->next;
fprintf(stderr, "\ninstances:\n\n");
i = c->instances;
while (i)
fprintf(stderr, "hostname = %s\n", i->hostname);
fprintf(stderr, "port = %d\n", i->port);
fprintf(stderr, "password = %s\n", i->password);
fprintf(stderr, "mount = %s\n", i->mount);
fprintf(stderr, "minimum bitrate = %d\n", i->min_br);
fprintf(stderr, "nominal bitrate = %d\n", i->nom_br);
fprintf(stderr, "maximum bitrate = %d\n", i->max_br);
fprintf(stderr, "quality = %f\n", i->quality);
fprintf(stderr, "managed = %d\n", i->managed);
fprintf(stderr, "reencode = %d\n", i->encode);
fprintf(stderr, "reconnect: %d times at %d second intervals\n",
i->reconnect_attempts, i->reconnect_delay);
fprintf(stderr, "maxqueuelength = %d\n", i->max_queue_length);
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
i = i->next;
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
......@@ -127,7 +127,6 @@ void config_initialize(void);
void config_shutdown(void);
int config_read(const char *filename);
void config_dump(void);
void config_free_instance(instance_t *instance);
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