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updated docs to include <reconnectdelay>, <reconnectattempts> and <retry-initial>.

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By default streams will not be advertised on a YP server unless this is set,
and only then if the icecast if configured to talk to YP servers.
<div class=indentedbox>
If the connection to the server is lost ices2 will wait a given time before reconnecting.
This setting controls how long ices2 will wait before reconnecting.
The value is the time in seconds.
<div class=indentedbox>
This settinggs controls the number of reconnet attempts ices2 will do before considering
the server to be down and stopping the instance.
<div class=indentedbox>
This settings controls if being unabled to connect to the server at startup is considered a fatal error.
Thhe default is to consider this a fatal error and quit making debugging more easy.
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