Commit 01cf648f authored by brendan's avatar brendan
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try_write: write data, not queue struct. This only seemed to work

because data was at the front of the queue.

queue_data: advance data ptr when paging, so we don't just keep
writing the head to each node. D'oh.

svn path=/icecast/trunk/libshout/; revision=7319
parent c40f1917
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
/* -- local prototypes -- */
static int queue_data(shout_t *self, const unsigned char *data, size_t len);
static int queue_str(shout_t *self, const char *str);
static int send_queue(shout_t *self);
static int try_write (shout_t *self, const void *data, size_t len);
static int login_xaudiocast(shout_t *self);
......@@ -790,6 +791,7 @@ static int queue_data(shout_t *self, const unsigned char *data, size_t len)
plen = len > SHOUT_BUFSIZE - buf->len ? SHOUT_BUFSIZE - buf->len : len;
memcpy (buf->data + buf->len, data, plen);
buf->len += plen;
data += plen;
len -= plen;
......@@ -863,7 +865,7 @@ static int send_queue(shout_t *self)
buf = self->queue;
while (buf) {
ret = try_write (self, buf + buf->pos, buf->len - buf->pos);
ret = try_write (self, buf->data + buf->pos, buf->len - buf->pos);
if (ret < 0)
return self->error;
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