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compatibility with solaris 8 /bin/sh

svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=4910
parent 8b2fc168
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ echo ' ' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo '# parse options' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo 'o=""' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo 'h=""' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo 'for i ; do' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo 'for i' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo 'do' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
echo ' case $i in' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
options="prefix exec-prefix eprefix package version cflags libs bindir sbindir libexecdir datadir sysconfdir sharedstatedir localstatedir libdir infodir mandir target host build pkgdatadir pkglibdir pkgincludedir template-version help"
echo ' --prefix=*) prefix=`echo $i | sed -e "s/--prefix=//"` ;;' >>$LIBCONFIG_FILE
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