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Started writing some docs, then got bored.

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
SUBDIRS = include src examples
SUBDIRS = include src examples doc
EXTRA_DIST = INSTALL m4/shout.m4 m4/ac_config_libconfig_in.m4 m4/acx_pthread.m4 \
m4/ogg.m4 m4/vorbis.m4 m4/xiph_compiler.m4 m4/xiph_net.m4 \
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
# $Id:,v 1.57 2003/07/02 18:32:50 brendan Exp $
# $Id:,v 1.58 2003/07/04 02:20:41 brendan Exp $
m4_define(libshout_major, 2)
m4_define(libshout_minor, 0)
......@@ -162,4 +162,4 @@ AC_SUBST(XIPH_CFLAGS)
AC_OUTPUT([Makefile include/Makefile include/shout/Makefile src/Makefile
src/net/Makefile src/timing/Makefile src/thread/Makefile src/avl/Makefile
src/httpp/Makefile examples/Makefile shout-config shout.pc])
src/httpp/Makefile doc/Makefile examples/Makefile shout-config shout.pc])
EXTRA_DIST = spec-html.xsl libshout.xml
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2.0//EN"
<book><title>Programming With Libshout 2</title>
<holder>Brendan Cully</holder>
<orgname><ulink url=""></ulink></orgname>
<releaseinfo>$Id: libshout.xml,v 1.1 2003/07/04 02:20:41 brendan Exp $</releaseinfo>
<date> 3 Jul 2003</date>
libshout is a library for streaming audio to icecast or shoutcast-compatible
servers. Currently it supports two audio formats and three protocols.
<itemizedlist><title>Audio Formats</title>
<listitem>Ogg Vorbis</listitem>
<chapter><title>Function Reference</title>
<funcsynopsis id="shout_init">
<funcdef>void <function>shout_init</function></funcdef>
Initializes the shout library. Currently this initializes the networking
mutexes when the library is built with thread safety. This function must
always be called before any other libshout function.
<funcsynopsis id="shout_shutdown">
<funcdef>void <function>shout_shutdown</function></funcdef>
Releases any resources which may have been allocated by a call to
<link linkend="shout_init">shout_init</link>. An application should call this
function after it has finished using libshout.
<funcsynopsis id="shout_version">
<funcdef>const char *<function>shout_version</function></funcdef>
<paramdef>int *<parameter>major</parameter></paramdef>
<paramdef>int *<parameter>minor</parameter></paramdef>
<paramdef>int *<parameter>patch</parameter></paramdef>
Returns the version of the libshout library, both as a string via the
return value, and as a set of integers corresponding to the major,
minor and patch levels of the library. The application must allocate
the integer parameters. If any parameter is NULL, libshout will not
attempt to set it.
<funcsynopsis id="shout_new">
<funcdef><type>shout_t</type> <function>shout_new</function></funcdef>
Allocates a new <type>shout_t</type> structure. May return NULL if no memory
is available. The result should be disposed of with
<link linkend="shout_free">shout_free</link> when you are finished with it.
<funcsynopsis id="shout_free">
<funcdef>void <function>shout_free</function></funcdef>
<paramdef><type>shout_t</type> <parameter>self</parameter></paramdef>
Frees a <type>shout_t</type> allocated by <link linkend="shout_new">shout_new</link>.
\ No newline at end of file
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">
<xsl:import href="file:///sw/share/xml/xsl/html/docbook.xsl"/>
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