Commit f2903268 authored by brendan's avatar brendan

Naughty little buglet in util_dict_free. Thanks oddsock.

svn path=/trunk/libshout/; revision=4375
parent 58ddf196
......@@ -134,16 +134,19 @@ util_dict *util_dict_new(void)
void util_dict_free(util_dict *dict)
util_dict *cur;
util_dict *next;
while (dict) {
next = dict->next;
do {
cur = dict->next;
if (dict->key)
free (dict->key);
if (dict->val)
free (dict->val);
free (dict);
} while (cur);
dict = next;
const char *util_dict_get(util_dict *dict, const char *key)
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