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    Cleanup: more cleanly define blocks for admin command IDs · 3b4e3ed0
    Philipp Schafft authored
    This adds info to the blocks about their size.
    Also added two more blocks:
    * for experimental features such as in private branches or
      or feature branches. This is for command IDs that are going to
      be merged with master some day. At merge they need to be changed
      and put into the regular position.
    * for private features that are not going to be merged into master.
      e.g. specific features for a very specific user that are not
      useful for general audiance.
    This should help keeping stuff sorted and largey reducing the risk
    of command ID collissions on merges of branches.
    Also this should make the merger's job a little bit more easy as
    there are less likely any conflicts on merge if someone else got
    a number closeby and those change is within the diff's context lines.
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