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    Cleanup: move libcurl specifc code into curl.c · 74023834
    Philipp Schafft authored
    This cleans the libcurl usage up a bit. It moves common code used
    to interact with libcurl into a single new file curl.[ch].
    * It does not alter any features nor fixes any bugs.
    * Thew REVIEW about strdup(self->url) in event_url.c as been processed.
      According to the manpage for curl_easy_setopt()/CURLOPT_URL
      there is no need for us to copy.
    * URL Auth as well as URL triggers have sent ICECAST_VERSION_STRING
      as User-Agent:, this has be corrected to what is set in the config
    * As curl.c is now a single point for setting parameters all the TLS
      parameters should be reviewed and set (based on config).
    Please test!