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    * support for the Shoutcast DSP (yay!). · 80078cce
    Ed "oddsock" Zaleski authored
        You can now use the Shoutcast DSP as a source client.  The connection 
        protocol is a bit odd, and we had to handle it separately, and thus 
        we've added a new config option (<shoutcast-compat>) that is set at 
        the listener port level.
    * support for NSV (and the nsvscsrc source client).
        After adding support for the connection protocol of the shoutcast DSP, 
        adding NSV was just a simple of a few special handling cases.
    * removed all traces of the earlier attempt at the shoutcast DSP connection 
    * Due to the growing complexity of the config files, I've also created a 
      few alternate config files, namely one for a "shoutcast compat" setup
      as well as a "minimal" one for quick basic configurations.
    svn path=/icecast/trunk/icecast/; revision=8191