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Add HACKING file for instructions for building from CVS.

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Note that these instructions are *not* necessary for distribution
tarballs; they have separate configure/build instructions.
Building this package from CVS is mainly intended for developers.
General users should obtain official distribution packages; both
source and binary distributions are available at
These are *brief* instructions on how to build this package from CVS.
Yes, there are details left out.
There are generally four steps necessary when building from CVS (i.e.,
a developer's copy):
1. cvs checkout of the sources, or cvs update. RTFM from your
favorite flavor of CVS documentation; information on the
CVS repository can be found at
This module requires submodules to compile. Checkout 'net', 'thread',
'httpp', 'log', 'timing', and 'avl' under the ./src directory.
2. [re-]generate files such as "configure" and "" with the
GNU autoconf/automake tools. Run the "" script to
perform this step.
the AUTOMAKE_FLAGS environment variable to "--include-deps"
before running For example:
csh% setenv AUTOMAKE_FLAGS --include-deps
csh% ./
sh% AUTOMAKE_FLAGS=--include-deps ./
3. Run configure. There are several options available; see
"./configure --help" for more information.
4. Run "make" to build the source.
In general, steps 2 and 3 need to be re-run every time any of the
following files are modified (either manually or by a cvs update):
Running "make clean" after running steps 2 and 3 is generally also
advisable before running step 4. It isn't *always* necessary, but
unless you understand the workings of autoconf/automake, it's safest
to just do it.
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