Commit 2223ecb8 authored by Jack Moffitt's avatar Jack Moffitt

Forgot to add new compat.h to Fixed.

svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=2207
parent 42688a83
......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ SUBDIRS = avl thread httpp net log timing
bin_PROGRAMS = icecast
noinst_HEADERS = config.h os.h logging.h sighandler.h connection.h global.h\
util.h source.h stats.h refbuf.h client.h format.h format_vorbis.h
util.h source.h stats.h refbuf.h client.h format.h format_vorbis.h\
icecast_SOURCES = config.c main.c logging.c sighandler.c connection.c global.c\
util.c source.c stats.c refbuf.c client.c format.c format_vorbis.c
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