Commit 4144bb05 authored by Jack Moffitt's avatar Jack Moffitt
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A very slightly modified version of oddsocks function to support gui

stats updates.  Basically stats_connection() was copied to
stats_callback() (i should probably factor out some of the code here!)
with the change that instead of sending stats to a socket, it sends the
event to a callback function.

svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=3026
parent c7aa89cf
......@@ -598,6 +598,81 @@ void *stats_connection(void *arg)
return NULL;
/* this function is primarily to support gui code needing to get stats updates
** create a thread with this as the start proc with an arg of the callback function
** on each stats event the callback will be called with the event
** and the callback is responsible for copying the data if it needs it after returning
void *stats_callback(void *arg)
void (*callback)(stats_event_t *event);
stats_event_t *local_event_queue = NULL;
mutex_t local_event_mutex;
avl_node *node;
avl_node *node2;
stats_event_t *event;
stats_source_t *source;
callback = arg;
/* we must get the current stats and register for events atomically.
** we don't want to miss any and have inaccurate stats.
/* first the global stats */
node = avl_get_first(_stats.global_tree);
while (node) {
event = _make_event_from_node((stats_node_t *)node->key, NULL);
_add_event_to_queue(event, &local_event_queue);
node = avl_get_next(node);
/* now the stats for each source */
node = avl_get_first(_stats.source_tree);
while (node) {
source = (stats_source_t *)node->key;
node2 = avl_get_first(source->stats_tree);
while (node2) {
event = _make_event_from_node((stats_node_t *)node2->key, source->source);
_add_event_to_queue(event, &local_event_queue);
node2 = avl_get_next(node2);
node = avl_get_next(node);
/* now we register to receive future event notices */
_register_listener(&local_event_queue, &local_event_mutex);
while (global.running == ICE_RUNNING) {
event = _get_event_from_queue(&local_event_queue);
if (event != NULL) {
} else {
return NULL;
typedef struct _source_xml_tag {
char *mount;
xmlNodePtr node;
......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ void stats_event_add(char *source, char *name, unsigned long value);
void stats_event_dec(char *source, char *name);
void *stats_connection(void *arg);
void *stats_callback(void *arg);
void stats_sendxml(client_t *client);
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