Commit 4e13c276 authored by Thomas B. Rücker's avatar Thomas B. Rücker 😊

Second part of 2.4.4 fixes

parent 18594bbd
......@@ -24,6 +24,18 @@ to the ChangeLog
- Fix: TLS for ICECAST_PROTOCOL_SHOUTCAST source clients
and investigating the bug.
- Fix: global listener count could be negative under certain circumstances
Thanks a lot to Simeon Völkel (0xBD4E031CDB4043C9) for reporting
and investigating the bug.
- Fix: Send "Content-Length: 0" on 100-continue
- Fix: Do not send 100-continue in plain text over TLS sockets
- Fix: Added needed code to announce Opus streams as such to yp.
- Fix: Avoid invalid locking in signal handlers.
- Workaround: avoid libspeex printing warnings on Opus streams.
- Fix: Fixed regression introduced by r19250.
The fix checks if the source client is actually
known before printing it's IP-Address.
- Fix: do not allow unescaped strings in XML output.
## Known issues
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