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......@@ -336,7 +336,15 @@ An optional value which will set the filename which will be a dump of the stream
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This specifies a mountpoint that is used in the case of a source disconnect. If listeners are connected to the mount specified by the &lt;mount-name&gt; config value, then if the source is disconnected; all currently connected clients will be moved to the fallback-mount.
This optional value specifies a mountpoint that clients are automatically moved to if the source
shuts down or is not streaming at the time a listener connects. Only one can be listed in each
mount and should refer to another mountpoint on the same server that is streaming in the same
streaming format.<br>
If clients cannot fallback to another mountpoint, due to a missing fallback-mount or it states a
mountpoint that is just not available, then those clients will be disconnected.
If clients are falling back to a mountpoint and the fallback-mount is not actively streaming
but defines a fallback-mount itself then those clients may be moved there instead.
This multi-level fallback allows clients to cascade several mountpoints.
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