Commit 571ced86 authored by Karl Heyes's avatar Karl Heyes
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We need to state both of these to get the dependencies and linking working

as expected.

svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=5181
parent 7e0894c0
......@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ icecast_SOURCES = cfgfile.c main.c logging.c sighandler.c connection.c global.c\
format_mp3.c xslt.c fserve.c event.c admin.c
EXTRA_icecast_SOURCES = geturl.c yp.c
icecast_LDADD = @ICECAST_OPTIONAL@ net/ thread/ \
httpp/ log/ avl/ \
timing/ @XIPH_LIBS@
icecast_DEPENDENCIES = @ICECAST_OPTIONAL@ net/ thread/ \
httpp/ log/ avl/ timing/
icecast_LDADD = $(icecast_DEPENDENCIES) @XIPH_LIBS@
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