Commit 66af62bc authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz

Print configuration at the end of configure

This makes it easy to know which things will be enabled or
disabled, depending which deps were found or not found.
parent 61ac5f9b
......@@ -198,3 +198,16 @@ src/common/httpp/Makefile src/common/thread/Makefile src/common/log/Makefile
src/common/net/Makefile src/common/timing/Makefile doc/Makefile web/Makefile
web/assets/Makefile web/assets/css/Makefile web/assets/font/Makefile
admin/Makefile admin/includes/Makefile win32/Makefile examples/Makefile tests/Makefile])
echo "
Icecast configuration
Version : ${VERSION}
cURL : ${have_curl}
TLS (openSSL) : ${have_openssl}
Format/Codec support:
Ogg : ${have_ogg}
Theora : ${have_theora}
Speex : ${have_speex}
Kate : ${have_kate}"
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