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Commit my TODO file.

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......@@ -55,3 +55,20 @@ FEATURES
commands through that.
Use this for alternative admin interfaces (GUI? telnet interface?)
- listener authentication (per mountpoint?)
- all timer-based functionality (yp updates, slave/relay checks) should have a
single timer thread which dispatches events through the normal event
mechanism (to worker threads from the main pool). This will reduce the
extraneous thread count.
- atomic admin function to: set fallback from A->B, remove A, move mountpoint
B to A. Needs forced-source removal first.
- race condition between avl_tree_unlock(pending_tree) and
thread_cond_wait(&fserv_cond) in fserv.c, it's a pain to fix but should be.
- do we need to use locks on the avl client_trees in source.c and fserv.c?
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