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a move over from config.c config.h. This is so that config.h can be built

by autoconf.  config.h is also the name expected by the convenience libs

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#ifndef __CONFIG_H__
#define __CONFIG_H__
#define CONFIG_EPARSE -4
#include "thread/thread.h"
#include "avl/avl.h"
#include "global.h"
typedef struct ice_config_dir_tag
char *host;
int touch_interval;
struct ice_config_dir_tag *next;
} ice_config_dir_t;
typedef struct _relay_server {
char *server;
int port;
char *mount;
char *localmount;
int mp3metadata;
struct _relay_server *next;
} relay_server;
typedef struct _mount_proxy {
char *mountname; /* The mountpoint this proxy is used for */
char *username; /* Username and password for this mountpoint. If unset, */
char *password; /* falls back to global source password */
char *dumpfile; /* Filename to dump this stream to (will be appended). NULL
to not dump. */
int max_listeners; /* Max listeners for this mountpoint only. -1 to not
limit here (i.e. only use the global limit) */
char *fallback_mount;
struct _mount_proxy *next;
} mount_proxy;
typedef struct _aliases {
char *source;
char *destination;
int port;
char *bind_address;
struct _aliases *next;
typedef struct {
int port;
char *bind_address;
} listener_t;
typedef struct ice_config_tag
char *config_filename;
char *location;
char *admin;
int client_limit;
int source_limit;
long queue_size_limit;
int threadpool_size;
int client_timeout;
int header_timeout;
int source_timeout;
int ice_login;
int fileserve;
char *source_password;
char *admin_username;
char *admin_password;
int touch_interval;
ice_config_dir_t *dir_list;
char *hostname;
int port;
listener_t listeners[MAX_LISTEN_SOCKETS];
char *master_server;
int master_server_port;
int master_update_interval;
char *master_password;
relay_server *relay;
mount_proxy *mounts;
char *base_dir;
char *log_dir;
char *webroot_dir;
char *adminroot_dir;
aliases *aliases;
char *access_log;
char *error_log;
int loglevel;
int chroot;
int chuid;
char *user;
char *group;
char *yp_url[MAX_YP_DIRECTORIES];
int yp_url_timeout[MAX_YP_DIRECTORIES];
int num_yp_directories;
} ice_config_t;
typedef struct {
mutex_t config_lock;
mutex_t relay_lock;
mutex_t mounts_lock;
} ice_config_locks;
void config_initialize(void);
void config_shutdown(void);
int config_parse_file(const char *filename, ice_config_t *configuration);
int config_initial_parse_file(const char *filename);
int config_parse_cmdline(int arg, char **argv);
void config_set_config(ice_config_t *config);
void config_clear(ice_config_t *config);
int config_rehash(void);
ice_config_locks *config_locks(void);
ice_config_t *config_get_config(void);
void config_release_config(void);
/* To be used ONLY in one-time startup code */
ice_config_t *config_get_config_unlocked(void);
#endif /* __CONFIG_H__ */
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