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YAC - yet another change. ref #2122

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......@@ -59,8 +59,13 @@ viewing `doc/index.html` in a browser. It's also installed to
`$PREFIX/share/doc/icecast/`. Online documentation can be found
on the [Icecast Website][5].
Please email us at or, or come and see
us at, channel [#icecast][6], if you have any troubles.
If you have problems with setting up Icecast, please join the
[Icecast mailing list][6] and then email
In case you have patches or want to discuss development issues,
please join the [Icecast developer mailing list][7] and then
Or come and see us on, channel [#icecast][8]
(please be patient, people are not always at their computers).
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