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Update: Added some comments to struct connection_tag

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...@@ -27,25 +27,42 @@ ...@@ -27,25 +27,42 @@
typedef unsigned long connection_id_t; typedef unsigned long connection_id_t;
struct connection_tag { struct connection_tag {
/* Connection ID.
* This is uniq until it overflows (typically at least 2^32 clients).
connection_id_t id; connection_id_t id;
/* Timestamp of client connecting */
time_t con_time; time_t con_time;
/* Timestamp of when the client must be disconnected (reached listentime limit) OR 0 for no limit. */
time_t discon_time; time_t discon_time;
/* Bytes sent on this connection */
uint64_t sent_bytes; uint64_t sent_bytes;
/* Physical socket the client is connected on */
sock_t sock; sock_t sock;
/* real and effective listen socket the connect used to connect. */
listensocket_t *listensocket_real; listensocket_t *listensocket_real;
listensocket_t *listensocket_effective; listensocket_t *listensocket_effective;
/* Is the connection in an error condition? */
int error; int error;
/* Current TLS mode and state of the client. */
tlsmode_t tlsmode; tlsmode_t tlsmode;
tls_t *tls; tls_t *tls;
/* I/O Callbacks. Should never be called directly.
* Use connection_*_bytes() for I/O operations.
int (*send)(connection_t *handle, const void *buf, size_t len); int (*send)(connection_t *handle, const void *buf, size_t len);
int (*read)(connection_t *handle, void *buf, size_t len); int (*read)(connection_t *handle, void *buf, size_t len);
/* Buffers for putback of data into the connection's read queue. */
void *readbuffer; void *readbuffer;
size_t readbufferlen; size_t readbufferlen;
/* IP Address of the client as seen by the server */
char *ip; char *ip;
}; };
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