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This is Icecast 2.4.0!

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2014-05-06 05:23:42 dm8tbr
* This is Icecast 2.4.0!
2014-05-06 04:53:24 dm8tbr
* SECURITY FIX - Override supplementary groups if <changeowner>
2014-05-05 05:16:44 dm8tbr
* Added <audio> for supported streams. TNX ePirat
2014-05-04 17:36:25 dm8tbr
* status2.xsl, broken for a decade, now it's gone!
2014-05-04 17:09:59 dm8tbr
* Updated docs:
* logging to STDERR; known issues
* Refactored docs about client authentication
* Vastly improved page about Icecast statistics
* Clean up supported windows versions
* Quick fixup of the basic setup page
* Minor fixes to the config file documentation
* Updated YP documentation
* Reduced win32 documentation to essentials
2014-05-04 07:14:54 dm8tbr
* Adding stream_start_iso8601, server_start_iso8601
ISO8601 compliante timestamps for statistics. Should make usage in
e.g. JSON much easier.
Added as new variables to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
2014-05-04 05:16:00 dm8tbr
* Nicer looking tables for the admin interface.
ePirat sent updated tables code that should look much nicer.
This is admin interface only (and a global css change).
2014-03-09 13:02:35 dm8tbr
* Set content-type to official "application/json"
2014-03-09 12:27:58 dm8tbr
* Initial JSON status transform.
Output roughly limited to data also visible through status.xsl.
2014-03-09 12:26:15 dm8tbr
* Silence direct calls, add partial array support.
* The XSLT will now return empty if called directly.
This is a security measure to prevent unintended data leakage.
* Adding partial array support to print sources in an array.
Code lifted from:
2014-03-09 12:19:35 dm8tbr
* Adding xml2json XSLT, svn r31 upstream trunk.
2014-03-01 17:53:00 dm8tbr
* Icecast 2.4 beta5 aka
AC_INIT([Icecast], [], [])
AC_INIT([Icecast], [2.4.0], [])
......@@ -11,6 +11,59 @@
<hr id='titlebar' />
<h2>Version 2.4.0</h2>
<h3>New Features</h3>
<li> Support for Ogg Opus streams
<li> Support for WebM streams
<li> HTTP 1.1 PUT support for source connections. Deprecating SOURCE method.
<li> <em>Default mount.</em> -
This <mount type="default"> allows you to define a global set of defaults
for ALL mounts.
This way you can use e.g. url-auth for sources and or listeners also for
dynamically generated mounts.
<li> <em>Web interface redone</em> -
<li> Web output properly redone, credit to ePirat.
<li> Added &lt;audio&gt; element for supported audio streams.
<li> Now validates completely as XHTML1.0 strict.
<li> Also improves rendering on mobile devices.
<li> Added basic JSON API (/status-json.xsl) based on a xml2json template by Doeke Zanstra (see xml2json.xslt). Output is roughly limited to data also visible through status.xsl.
<li> Send charset in HTTP headers for everything, excluding file-serv and streams.
<li> Allow (standard strftime(3)) %x codes in &lt;dump-file&gt;. Disabled for win32.
<li> Added stream_start_iso8601, server_start_iso8601 to statitics.
ISO8601 compliante timestamps for statistics. Should make usage in
e.g. JSON much easier.
Added as new variables to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
<li> Now compiles for win32 using mingw
<li> Added options "headers" and "header_prefix" to URL based listener auth.
<li> Updated listener_remove handler, added ip= and agent=,
<li> Allow full URLs to be returned by the master server.
<li> <strong>SECURITY FIX</strong> - Override supplementary groups if <changeowner> is used
<li> Fixes for some race conditions
<li> Dropped debian packaging directory as debian use their own.
<li> Send proper HTTP headers in responses to clients.
<li> corrected Content-Length: header in admin (raw) requests. Thanks to paluh for reporting.
<li> Escape log entries in access log
<li> Fixed a memory leak. Lost headers of stream because of wrong ref
counter in associated refbuf objects.
<li> avoid memory leak in _parse_mount() when "type"-attribute is set
<li> Updated web interface to be XHTML compliant.
<li> Removed status2.xsl from release. It was only a broken example file anyway.
<h3>Known issues</h3>
<li> Will crash if certain config tags are left empty.
<h2>Version 2.3</h2>
<h3>New Features</h3>
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