Commit b620ee91 authored by Michael Smith's avatar Michael Smith
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Previous bugfix was incorrect, and made the problem worse, since it ensured

it would be triggered in certain cases, instead of merely making it dependant
on previous values written to the variable in those cases.

Fixes source disconnect on some (but very few) ogg bitstreams (the vast
majority of my files play fine)

svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=3978
parent e0054eb3
......@@ -148,12 +148,12 @@ void *source_main(void *arg)
stats_event(source->mount, "type", source->format->format_description);
while (global.running == ICE_RUNNING) {
bytes = 0;
ret = source->format->get_buffer(source->format, NULL, 0, &refbuf);
if(ret < 0) {
WARN0("Bad data from source");
bytes = 1; /* Set to > 0 so that the post-loop check won't be tripped */
while (refbuf == NULL) {
bytes = 0;
while (bytes <= 0) {
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