Commit cdf63bf5 authored by Philipp Schafft's avatar Philipp Schafft 🦁
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Fix: Do not report hashed user passworts in user list.

parent cf29cba8
......@@ -401,7 +401,6 @@ static auth_result htpasswd_userlist(auth_t *auth, xmlNodePtr srcnode)
htpasswd_user *user = (htpasswd_user *)node->key;
newnode = xmlNewChild (srcnode, NULL, XMLSTR("User"), NULL);
xmlNewTextChild(newnode, NULL, XMLSTR("username"), XMLSTR(user->name));
xmlNewTextChild(newnode, NULL, XMLSTR("password"), XMLSTR(user->pass));
node = avl_get_next (node);
thread_rwlock_unlock (&state->file_rwlock);
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