Commit d668d4df authored by Michael Smith's avatar Michael Smith
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Fix nasty bug in file serving code, would probably have made it fail with

multiple simultaneous requests.

svn path=/trunk/icecast/; revision=5764
parent 8a78baa1
......@@ -414,8 +414,11 @@ int fserve_client_create(client_t *httpclient, char *path)
static int _compare_clients(void *compare_arg, void *a, void *b)
connection_t *cona = (connection_t *)a;
connection_t *conb = (connection_t *)b;
fserve_t *clienta = (fserve_t *)a;
fserve_t *clientb = (fserve_t *)b;
connection_t *cona = clienta->client->con;
connection_t *conb = clientb->client->con;
if (cona->id < conb->id) return -1;
if (cona->id > conb->id) return 1;
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