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Commit e4258bfa authored by Joseph Wallace's avatar Joseph Wallace

Don't wait for video keyframes on audio-only streams.

parent 9cf4ed56
......@@ -481,8 +481,13 @@ static int ebml_read(ebml_t *ebml, char *buffer, int len, ebml_chunk_type *chunk
if (ebml->cluster_start == 0) {
/* new cluster is starting now */
if (ebml->cluster_starts_with_keyframe == EBML_KEYFRAME_STARTS_CLUSTER) {
/* Successfully found a keyframe in this cluster's video track */
if (ebml->cluster_starts_with_keyframe != EBML_KEYFRAME_DOES_NOT_START_CLUSTER) {
/* If we positively identified the first video frame as a non-keyframe,
* don't use this cluster as a sync point. Since some files lack
* video tracks completely, or we may have failed to probe
* the first video frame, it's better to be pass through
* ambiguous cases to avoid blocking the stream forever.
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