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Note that these instructions are *not* necessary for distribution
tarballs; they have separate configure/build instructions.
Building this package from CVS is mainly intended for developers.
General users should obtain official distribution packages; both
source and binary distributions are available at
These are *brief* instructions on how to build this package from CVS.
Yes, there are details left out.
There are generally four steps necessary when building from CVS (i.e.,
a developer's copy):
1. cvs checkout of the sources, or cvs update. RTFM from your
favorite flavor of CVS documentation; information on the
CVS repository can be found at
2. [re-]generate files such as "configure" and "" with the
GNU autoconf/automake tools. Run the "" script to
perform this step.
the AUTOMAKE_FLAGS environment variable to "--include-deps"
before running For example:
csh% setenv AUTOMAKE_FLAGS --include-deps
csh% ./
sh% AUTOMAKE_FLAGS=--include-deps ./
3. Run configure. There are several options available; see
"./configure --help" for more information.
4. Run "make" to build the source.
In general, steps 2 and 3 need to be re-run every time any of the
following files are modified (either manually or by a cvs update):
Running "make clean" after running steps 2 and 3 is generally also
advisable before running step 4. It isn't *always* necessary, but
unless you understand the workings of autoconf/automake, it's safest
to just do it.
Please visit for more detailed
instructions about building from Subversion.
Icecast 2.1
****New features for 2.1 (in no particular order):****
-Listener Authentication-
Icecast now supports listener authentication. This provides a mechanism for
creating/maintaining users and passwords for listeners. Currently, we only
have implemented a simple, file-based storage for users and passwords. New
authenticators are on the horizon (such as URL-based or possibly MySQL based)
New admin pages were also added for the maintenance of users/passwords. Please
check the docs for a more detailed description of this new feature.
-Multi-Level Fallbacks-
This is an new, optional config setting which will send a initial burst of
data to connecting listeners. This has the effect of reducing
(significantly) the startup buffer latency from the end-user perspective.
This option is enabled by default.
****New Enhancements for 2.1****
-Update to admin interface-
This interface has been cleaned up quite a bit and made a bit nicer.
-Rewrite of the YP listing code-
The icecast yp code has received a complete overhaul by karl, and it's a much
more stable and failure-resistant implementation.
-Lots and lots of bugs fixed-
Check the ChangeLog for a complete list of these...
Added documentation
......@@ -25,15 +25,11 @@ FEATURES
- allow using get_predata() stuff to send an "intro" to any newly-connected
- stats to list currently connected clients: ip and hostname
- general registerable url-handlers in connection.c rather than hard-coded list
(already getting unmaintainable)
- httpp - split out query string for further processing
- option to use ipv6 (equiv to using <bind-address>::</bindaddress>, I think.
- abstract all admin functionality to a set of commands, and command handlers.
Make /admin/* just parse according to a set of rules, and dispatch generic
commands through that.
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